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Why are some cats and dogs bred to be ugly? — 4 Comments

  1. Wonderful post Michael.

    A word ”ugly” should not be offending – it means ”abnormal”, ”defective”. Breeding those disadvantaged cats is really cruel. Abnormalities so appealing to cat breeders effect the quality of cats lives and their ability to survive. It’s so wrong and yet people unable to see this reality. I pity all these cats – its not their fault that they are made to look this way. They deserve good loving homes. However I wish breeding of these disadvantaged animals would stop!

    • Thanks and agreed. It is all about what people like to do and to see but not about what is good for the cat. What I call human-centric. The Blinkered Human.

  2. Tomcat Matata , Says, ” Why did they alter my breed from “Traditional Persian Cat” to “Ultra Persian Cat” .Don’t i have the looks of a cat film star as the original “Traditional Persian cat.Check my photo ?

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