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Why Are the British Considered to Be Animal Lovers? — 6 Comments

  1. I have always been fascinated by the Royal Family. Princess Diana was someone that I really admired while I was growing up. She was probably the one that sparked my interest in the Family. Since she passed away I have kept up on her Boys and now Kate who I really adore.
    I don’t think I ever gave much thought about the Brits being animal lovers probably because I try not to generalize, stereotypes are rarely the reality. Like with the USA, many people judge us by our politicians and we are nothing like them at all. They think that we are all overweight…we are not. They think that we are spoiled and greedy and ungrateful which is so far from the truth that it drives me crazy. These are just some examples of things that I have read, there are more.LOL
    I try to look at people individually but I know that we do generalize and that is normal actually.
    I think the entire world needs to take a step back and realize what we are doing to the animals, it’s really a global issue.
    The Brits in my opinion have always seemed to have a lot of Class and so with that thought at this moment, I would have to believe they are animal lovers

    • I also admired Diana. She was not the easiest person may be but she was classy and she cared and she raised a couple of good kids too. She could never fit in with the Royal family. Most people here like the Royal family. I am not so sure. I agree with Ruth that for me they totally spoil their image by being hunters and participating in sport hunting. William paints this whiter than white image of himself but he likes to shoot birds.

      I agree that you cannot generalise. There is this image, though, of the Brits being animal lovers which is not really true as you imply. That said animal welfare laws in Britain are very good but they are not always enforced with enough energy. I think, though, that the British character, if there is such a thing, lends itself to better animal welfare, slightly. This is a very grey area and therefore there are no precise boundaries.

  2. No firsthand knowledge here ofcourse. But, all of my life I have been told that the Brits are huge animal lovers.
    I think it’s, probably, true that they have more caring, compassion, and concern for the welfare of domesticated animals than a lot of places.

  3. Really it’s a joke that the ‘first family’ in the UK are the patrons of the RSPCA because they love blood sports, hunting animals and shooting birds, even though so many of their ‘subjects’ are against it.
    I think that William and Harry may have had second thoughts about killing for pleasure if their mother Diana had lived, she was against blood sports, it’s such a pity she died as she may have helped change that family’s ways.
    The present government are desperate to bring hunting with dogs back, ten years after it was banned. I really don’t understand how any human being can be so cruel as to hunt an animal for fun.
    I agree Michael, tolerance should include respect to ALL animals, whatever species.
    Take our pet welfare law, a cat in a home is protected by it, a cat in a lab is not. No a cat in a lab isn’t a pet but he/she is still a cat with feelings of fear and pain, no different to any other cat.
    I have no respect for anyone who thinks animals are ours to use and abuse but many people think that we own animals to do as we will with them.
    I suppose some people think we who care are eccentric, well I’d rather be thought eccentric than heartless.

    • I agree with you on the Royal family. Anybody who is remotely involved with hunting does not get my respect. I am becoming tired of seeing William and Harry and even Kate on the television. And I am very disappointed in William because of his involvement in country sports or what ever he calls them.

      • yea i dont agree with hunting sports that should be outlawed i mean we live in the age of internet and a new world of many challenges. All animals need to be respected. Over here in NZ there is greater emphasis on even better practice of pigs and cows and hens being in a non caged environment. I just hate the thought of innocent animals being injured and harmed. Its definitly times to change and that can only happen with people to stand up for those animals as otherwise they dont have a voice.

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