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Why are there so many feral cats in Israel? — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, it was a joke. It can’t be done because no other country will accept those felines, and because you can’t catch them all anyway.

    I’ve taken sick feral cats to the vet and had to pay with money I barely have. The very few shelters are all full, and finding a vet who’ll take them for free is extremely difficult.

    People here get angry if you feed feral cats. I know some cats’ feeders who leave cats’ food in the park near my house very early in the morning when there’s no one around so nobody will give them a hard time over it. I took three cats off the streets, and they now live in my house. But the situation is difficult because there’s no help available. It’s also difficult and dangerous to get them in the cage to take the the vet. I’ve been scratched on more than one occasion. And then after treating them, I had to take them back to the streets. I can’t take them all in.

  2. I live in Israel. I bring many feral cats in to be spayed and neutered, but the cost quickly grows astronomical, and anyway such private efforts make no dent in the total population— for that a concerted effort is required.

    Let me turn the question around and ask: what successful means are used in other countries to limit the population of feral cats (and dogs!)

    • Thanks a lot for commenting. Well, the truth is that in America for instance they tell us that they have a ‘feral cat problem’ too. And they have TNR programs all over the country but it is not a widely employed method of limiting numbers. They also kill (euthanise) millions of cats annually many of which are feral or semi-feral. In the UK there are not so many feral cats (I never see them). They too are sometimes euthanised or spayed and neutered. They are generally left alone.

      I don’t think Israel is exceptional in having a large number of feral cats. Perhaps the relatively gentle attitude of Israelis toward community cats is unusual. Australians want to kill their feral cats en masse anyway possible.

      No one anywhere has a magical idea on how to manage feral cat populations. The only humane way currently is government sponsored TNR on a wide scale employing thousands of volunteers. That’s my opinion.

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