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Why British Big Cat That Eats Bambi Is A Tabby Moggy — 7 Comments

  1. У нас в Украине в поле нашли мертвую львицу , многие сказали что её мертвую выбросил бродячий цирк . Но возможно эта львица была криптидом .

  2. It’s clearly a domestic cat. Apart from the small size, the pointed ear tips were another clue.

    I don’t live too far from St. Albans and although there’s been several big cat sightings locally, the mutilated corpse of the muntjac deer found in March is not thought to have been killed by a big cat. More likely it was killed by a human for the meat and the partial torso left behind was then nibbled on by indigenous wildlife.

  3. I am almost peeing myself laughing at this. It is so obviously a tabby moggy. Any deer in the area have probably been killed by vehicles and scavenged rather than savaged. There was a roe deer dead beside the road not far from home today. If I hadn’t been on my way to work I would have collected it for the meat and pelt.

  4. It’s not the size it’s the body shape and the tail, domestic cat. Along with head size there is also how they carry their head.
    I can’t get pictures to load here but I have one of Mercy where she looks to be 4 feet tall at 4 months and makes Mook who was twice her size look like a kitten.

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