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Why can cats tolerate mother’s colostrum but cannot tolerate cow’s milk? — 2 Comments

  1. The question is badly written and inaccurate. Muddling the words cats and kittens is not helpful, nor is muddling colostrum with milk. Who wrote this silly question? The 3rd word should be kittens not cats. Cats do not drink from their mothers, kittens do. Colostrum is the very first milk which contains antibodies vital for the kittens to fight off disease until their own immune system becomes active. The rest of the milk does not contain antibodies. Therefore using the term colostrum instead of milk is another mistake and is misleading when the question is about lactase deficiency which has nothing to do with antibodies. Using the word cats instead of kittens makes the whole question ridiculous. Kittens CAN tolerate cow’s milk because they produce the enzyme lactase, but gradually lose that ability after a few months. Kittens over 4 months should preferably not be given milk. Adult cats should never be given milk because they no longer produce lactase, and will get diarrhea.

    • Well, Harvey, kittens are cats. Cats is an umbrella word for cats of all ages. I guess that is obvious. The third word has to be ‘cats’ because the question explores the differences in the same animal i.e. cats, at different ages. It is a way of emphasising this apparent oddity.

      I have read the article again and I am happy with it. It works for me. Sorry it doesn’t for you.

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