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Why can’t cats be vegetarian? — 2 Comments

  1. The delusion of Amy Short is so typical. I am vegetarian, but there is no way on earth I
    would make my cats eat food that is of no nutritional value to them but is often positively harmful.

    The Amys of the world rave about how all human exploitation of any animal for human pleasure is morally unnaceptable. They believe that all forms of stewardship/ownership are wrong and would gleefully strip us of our beloved animal family members……

    Yet, our sanctimonious, madly virtue signalling friend Amy is actually doing what she proclaims to despise by imposing her ego & personal needs on her hapless companion cat!

    Would love to see what supplements she is using. You are right Michael, she must be supplementing or she’d be tripping over blind cat’s having non stop heart attacks.

    I think,yes, Amy does believe she is doing the best for her cats, but she isn’t, she is just being a massive hypocrite!

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