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Why Cat Videos Are So Popular — 3 Comments

  1. Another very upsetting video to true cat lovers! Why bath the poor cat? If he had to be bathed for some reason (which I doubt) why torture him by holding him above the water, why get someone to film it? I’m not a violent person but I could cheerfully shove that idiotic woman’s head under that water and hold it there and see her struggle in fear, then do the same to the person filming the cat in fear and distress too.
    Cats will never ever be respected while videos of them being tormented are being shared, it makes me sick.
    People do it just because they can, to show off their power and get cheap thrills at the expense of the cat.
    I’d never ever share a film of cruelty to a cat!
    Oh well I’m sure Woody and other cats haters will flock to enjoy it but this sort of thing is not for me!

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