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Why cats stop playing with toys so quickly — 2 Comments

  1. I never thought of the need for a cat to perceive that his toy “died”– although I know cats get frustrated with the laser pointer toy because they never actually catch that beam of light.

    I always say to Monty when he goes outside to be a good kitty and not kill anything, but to him it’s always a good day when he gets the chance to try to kill something. That’s what it is all about to him. He’s a predator and it’s the heart of a predator that beats inside that furry little chest. He doesn’t perceive beauty in the way I do. He watches for movement and desires to pounce on it.

    I’ll never forget the time when he was kitten, out with me on his leash, and a beautiful, stunning Monarch butterfly landed on my shoe. Before I had a chance to admire it Monty pounced on it and ate it.

    • The butterfly story sums it up nicely. The words about killing a toy are mine but that is what is behind the motivation to play with a cat toy. It is all driven by the predatory instinct.

      I wrote the article to help cat toy manufacturers make better toys! Grand objective. Also it may help cat caretakers select better toys. It seems they have to change in appearance to be useful.

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