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Why Cats That Are Lost May Not Return Home — 12 Comments

  1. Our Gizzy was able to slip out the front door only 3 days after we rescued her from a high kill shelter. My daughter was heartbroken and was afraid Gizzy just didn’t like us and ran away. We searched and searched and in 3 days Gizzy showed back up and came back inside. She escaped 2-3 more times over the next 2 years. I remember the final escape she was waiting in the back seat of my car where I’d left the window down. It’s too dangerous for her to escape these days. Construction a road over from us has forced coyotes on to our property at night and it just wouldn’t be safe.

  2. I had similar situition when this beautiful tabby cat came for a short time she was so beautiful her name was jadie. Thankfully we were able to find her owner as thought she must be someones pet as she was affectionate and loving. We found the pets owner in the end and was happy to take her back to her owner

  3. A very interesting article. It’s sad when a cat goes missing and never returns and no one ever finds out where the cat has gone, when that happens there is no closure for a family who love their cat.
    Doing Lost and Found for Cats Protection was a very emotional voluntary job, but the pleasure of matching up a found cat with one lost was wonderful. Some people had given up ever seeing their cat again.
    I do believe that sometimes cats (as well as people) come into our lives at a time we need each other but some come to stay for their lifetime.

  4. I’ve often wondered about my Bigfoot. I tried to find his owner back when he moved in, but never succeeded. Bigfoot was just what I needed at the time. Now, I am just what he needs for this period of old age. We are the perfect couple.

  5. Thanks Tim. Very nice article. I have been involved in a quite a few what I call “time-share cats” — cats that share homes but which would stay with me if I allowed them but don’t because it would wrong provided the cat’s caretaker is doing at least a reasonable job. Anyway, sometimes the owner knows about me so if the cat stays she might accuse me of theft.

    It always surprises me that some well cared for cats go and don’t come back. But some do. A neighbour’s cat here has gone missing although he is a unneutered male and probably fits that group of male cats looking for a mate although he may have visited someone nearby with a cat flap (cat door). There are quite a lot of people with cats and cat flaps around here.

    • Yes, often people will say that someone has stolen their cat, though they may be temporarily taking care of the cat.

      You have to watch the cat doors. They are very nice until an unwanted guest enters or the cat exits and never returns.

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