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Why Compulsory Sterilisation, Microchipping and Registration of Cats Might Not Work — 2 Comments

  1. True. One thing I’d like to mention about microchipping. While I am glad my cats are microchipped (came this way from the shelter), and I’d do it, there was a case of a Feline Injection Site Sarcoma developing at the side of the microchip. Now, it’s rare, and FISS is more associated with vaccinations (but then cats are getting more vaccines than other injections), but essentially anything injected into the cat that causes local inflammation – antibiotics, steroids, sutures that stay in, wounds, etc. can cause it. This is the article about microchip-associated sarcoma:

    Now, I’d still microchip my cat because to me the risk of having any of my indoor-only cats escaping may be higher, but it is something the owners of indoor-only cats may consider. Is it really the place of the government to dictate to people to increase their cats’ risk of fatal cancer? Now, there are Rabies vaccination laws, but Rabies is a public health issue, can be transmitted to humans and is a death sentence. The balance between a small risk of fatal cancer and the probability of an indoor-only cat escaping may not be as obvious, at least depending on the cat – some cats dash out, my previous cat run away from open doors and hid under the bed. If you mandate the microchipping, I’d say you are responsible in part for any of the cats developing cancer.

  2. Yes, sad but true Michael. It sickens me how some people think that cats are disposable.
    Cats are a commitment that can last more than 20 years. Anybody that is serious about letting a cat live in their home should know that without being told.

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