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Why did my boyfriend name our cat ‘Meow’ — 2 Comments

  1. I have generally waited for cats to tell me what name they would like. Usually their behaviour tells me, or they seem to respond to some words with more enthusiasm than others.

    Of all the cats I have shared my life with only two came with names. One we rehomed from from the vets where he was dumped, near death, and one adopted from a rescue, who was so traumatised by his experience, that keeping the name he had and responded to, was a useful way of connecting with him when he was such a psychological mess. He is much happier now.

    Our cat names mutate, contract, expand over the years. They all respond to these nicknames, whether spoken or sung. I think that maybe the individual human voice plays a part in recognition?

  2. Yeah, I have a neighbor who named her dog Osa, which means dog in Spanish. She’s not Spanish either, but that would be worse for the lack of imagination. I struggle to name my cats, but I do try a little. For example I named one cat Scotty, because I found him on Scott street, and of course there was Lucky because I rescued her from dodging traffic on an extremely dangerous highway. I wish I were more imaginative but at least they are names, they are tailored and have meaning. I know I would feel pretty silly yelling “Meow” to call my cat or “Dog” to call my dog, so that’s a factor too.

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