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Why do animals in the circus get abused? — 2 Comments

  1. Zoos have taken huge strides and made available many animal species that allows anyone to learn to appreciate a living creature in front of you. Education is part of all real biological parks as is conservation along with providing the animals the a lifestyle that is as enriched as possible. A circus cannot reproduce those living conditions no matter how hard they try. I will tell you that 25 years ago I had the privilege of being in a big top tent while the elephants were being used to raise it. The were going about knocking poles upright with no supervision and working as a team with no handlers mistreating them with the hooks and poles you hear about. I was taken aback at their immense intelligence. The reality of their lives I also witnessed later when they were chained in by their legs and left there for hours. Because I have had horses most of my life I recognized right away the stress behaviors of weaving , zoning out and what horse people call stable vices seen most often in horses left stalled but for work. Big cats are never tame and relegated from cage to cage. We know now that an elephants social needs are difficult on the best day to be met at the best zoo. If the circus can’t reinvent itself for 2017 then it’s time for them to go.

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