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Why do cat haters, who have never owned a cat, fail to realise the comfort that a cat can bring to your life? — 4 Comments

  1. “To return to the question in the title, the answer is ignorance. A lack of enlightenment. An inability to see the other person’s argument. An inability to see the benefit of domestic cats in millions of households. And finally, a failure to see human failure with respect to cat domestication.” Well said, Michael. You are spot on. The question is, how do we break through this ignorance? πŸ†πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸΎπŸ—οΈπŸ˜₯

    • Thanks Frances. The ignorance and indoctrination is perpetuated from parent to child down generations. It is hard to break that. The only way is education but nothing it being done about it. Even the online newspapers sometimes perpetuate cat hating with misreporting.

  2. In my view, any human who actively or secretly hates/harms another species has a serious issue in their past. Somewhere, something went wrong for them emotionally. A glitch in the emotional software was created. Maybe something happened that another would not see as traumatic happened to them, or in front of them, or to a being they had emotional connection to. It can be something big, small or a deficit in nurturing and guidance, but it will have left a mark.

    Too often, those who were tasked with protecting that individual did not do so.

    Such events can happen at any age or life stage.

    When these events in a life are not resolved, at the time, or after, it leads to anger and hate. This stuff does not go away.

    I believe trauma of the individual is behind most of the problems human societies have, and have always had.

    Humans are pretty crap at regulating, raising, nurturing their own. Other species make less fuss and do a lot better.

    We are all born loving, sociable and non violent. If we weren’t, we would not have evolved and survived.

    • PS: None of the above is excusing anyone who harms other beings, it is just one view on the reasons why it happens.

      Ignorance and brutality are the enemy, always.

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