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Why do cat haters, who have never owned a cat, fail to realise the comfort that a cat can bring to your life?

Cat Hater Rockwell Sayre

The short answer is that there is a blindness and a lack of open-mindedness amongst cat haters which translates to the inability to understand the benefits that domestic cats can bring their human guardians. Cat haters by definition focus on negatives but these negatives are human generated.

In short, it’s about ignorance and lack of awareness by cat haters. Let’s remember, that cat hating is not normal in the classic sense. Why should someone hate cats? They are here on the planet to share it with us. There is a mutual benefit – the reason behind cat domestication in the first place. Domestic cats bring a lot of pleasure to probably hundreds of millions of people. They benefit society.

Any failings within the domestic cat process is due to human negligence and carelessness. Cat haters hate the fact that there are feral cats. They might hate that there are stray cats peeing on their garden or defecating on some part of public land. If cats are doing this in the community it is because of human negligence. For instance, a failure to spay and neuter domestic cats who are allowed to wander amongst the neighbourhood.

Jim Stevenson aka Woody – arch troller and cat hater

Jim Stevenson aka Woodsman001 hates cats because feral and stray cats prey on seabirds such as plovers where he lives in Galveston, USA. He has shot at the cats to protect the birds. He needs to stop being criminal and direct his aggression at people but in a polite and non-aggressive way.

It would be a human failure to keep cats indoors or confined when appropriate. Feral cats come from domestic cats and domestic cats come from people’s homes. There is no point hating cats if we don’t like feral cats messing up the environment as some people see it. Cat haters should direct their hatred at people, the people who created feral cats and the community which is unable to ensure that domestic cats are treated humanely. Where there are feral cats, the cats can suffer too. The cats have a reason to complain if they could. They should be in nice homes and well cared for.

Therefore, I have to conclude that cat haters are ignorant (and often aggressive) people who want to take out their aggression and anger at the presence of cats on cats themselves but these animals are innocent victims. They are innocent victims at the hands of humans who manage the environment in which domestic, stray, feral cats exist. We have duty to treat them humanely.

To return to the question in the title, the answer is ignorance. A lack of enlightenment. An inability to see the other person’s argument. An inability to see the benefit of domestic cats in millions of households. And finally, a failure to see human failure with respect to cat domestication.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • "To return to the question in the title, the answer is ignorance. A lack of enlightenment. An inability to see the other person’s argument. An inability to see the benefit of domestic cats in millions of households. And finally, a failure to see human failure with respect to cat domestication." Well said, Michael. You are spot on. The question is, how do we break through this ignorance? 🏆💜💜🐾🗝️😥

    • Thanks Frances. The ignorance and indoctrination is perpetuated from parent to child down generations. It is hard to break that. The only way is education but nothing it being done about it. Even the online newspapers sometimes perpetuate cat hating with misreporting.

  • In my view, any human who actively or secretly hates/harms another species has a serious issue in their past. Somewhere, something went wrong for them emotionally. A glitch in the emotional software was created. Maybe something happened that another would not see as traumatic happened to them, or in front of them, or to a being they had emotional connection to. It can be something big, small or a deficit in nurturing and guidance, but it will have left a mark.

    Too often, those who were tasked with protecting that individual did not do so.

    Such events can happen at any age or life stage.

    When these events in a life are not resolved, at the time, or after, it leads to anger and hate. This stuff does not go away.

    I believe trauma of the individual is behind most of the problems human societies have, and have always had.

    Humans are pretty crap at regulating, raising, nurturing their own. Other species make less fuss and do a lot better.

    We are all born loving, sociable and non violent. If we weren't, we would not have evolved and survived.

    • PS: None of the above is excusing anyone who harms other beings, it is just one view on the reasons why it happens.

      Ignorance and brutality are the enemy, always.

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