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Why do cats blep? — 6 Comments

  1. My mother called it the “idiot look” because the cats looked less than intelligent. I’ve only noticed it after the cat has bathed. I too have touched the end of the tongue, but the cat would retract it. It’s interesting to know there’s a name for it.

  2. Since my current Clowder are mostly feral and high strung, none of them blep. One of my cats from a long time ago would place himself around my neck, and stayed there for as long as he wanted. He often “blepped”. I think you are correct in your judgement-the cats are relaxed and in their own world.

  3. Yes, I agree nothing relating to anything else is going on. The cat is either thinking or just being in the moment – almost like meditating. Nothing going on here folks.

    I’ve tried touching the tongue a number of times, and half the time nothing happens, which led me to think maybe so much nothing was going on that the cat didn’t even notice I was having fun at their expense… or they were thinking of something so engaging that nothing else mattered, like in a dream.

    Or… or… as in my photo here, Buddy was simply being amusing.

    • LOL. I love that photo. It is a great ‘blep’. I am very pleased that you agree with me. Your opinion counts. There is this almost zoned out facial expression accompanying the blep with supports the thought that nothing is happening.

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