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Why do cats chase their tails? — 7 Comments

  1. What I’m saying is this: it’s not always the case of play. Some cats, in fact many, exist in environments that are stressful, maybe because of too many cats or maybe because of some annoying behavior their human.

  2. Michael, you are probably incorrect. Cats who are stressed will chase their tails, rather than lashing out at their humans, actually, their “alphas,” primarily because they don’t want to “die.”. If I were a domestic feline, I think that I would chase my tail, if the alternative were to be creating my own death certificate by attacking my Alpha male.

  3. Yeah, it’s a built in (or built on) cat toy. I’m not so sure they don’t know it’s part of their own body… Really?

    • Of course they do. Thanks for your question mark here. I’m sure why Michael is so sure of his statement. Possibly he is hoping for argument’s sake.

    • I think it is about lack of self-awareness. Thats’s the tricky issue. I know I am pushing the envelope but I think it is a good point.

    • Sorry for the third response. It is a fine point. If cats are not self-aware it makes sense that they don’t consciously see their tail as theirs. It is a mental condition that humans find hard to grasp I think.

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