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Why do cats disappear when they are about to die? — 3 Comments

  1. My Trinity was the only cat I wasnt with when she crossed over and I will regret for the rest of my life but my husband was with her as she took her last breath and since her passing I have been with my other moggies who have passed and soon I will be again since my ‘Storm’ has nasal cancer.

    May I go now?

    Do you think the time is right?

    May I say goodbye to pain filled days,

    I’ve lived my life and done my best,

    an example I tried to be.

    So can I take that step beyond and set my spirit free?

    I didn’t want to go at first,

    I fought with all my might.

    But something seems to draw me now

    to a warm and loving light.

    I want to go

    I really do.

    It’s difficult to stay.

    But I will try as best I can

    to live just one more day.

    To give you time to care for me

    and share your love and fears.

    I know you’re sad and afraid,

    because I see your tears.

    I’ll not be far,

    I promise that,

    and hope you’ll always know

    that my spirit will be close to you

    wherever you may go.

    Thank you so for loving me.

    You know I love you too,

    that’s why it’s hard to say goodbye

    and end this life with you.

    So hold me now just one more time

    and let me hear you say,

    because you care so much for me,

    you’ll let me go today.

  2. Yes. In the last 23 years as I’ve endeavored to become the best cat pal/gaurdian/caregiver that I can be, I’ve had to handle this duty as well… sometimes not so well but always a learning experience to benefit subsequent pals. I have one approaching his final day now, and while I’ve learned to better judge the prime time when no more can be done but that, it’s still foreboding and a big question mark to me. All the days leading up to it are the key though, and working closely, daily with the best vet one can find. As for why they tend to hide, I agree with Michael on all the points he made. I’ve agreed with him (you Michael) more than anyone on cat matters, and they are my main focus. I’m no qualified expert, but I think he is, which puts me and the rest of us in good company. Thanks again for another spot on address of a difficult aspect of caring for these guys.

    • Thanks Albert. I have found this decision the hardest to make and I too have learned from each time. It is pure stress for me. After the passing of one of my female cats I had a dream that was so real it did not seem like a dream. I thought my cat was still alive and outside in the garden sleeping. I was distressed and confused. It was horrible.

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