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Why do cats dislike their front paws being held? — 4 Comments

  1. I just thought of another example that supports Michael’s point that cats need to feel free to move. I have noticed on many occasions and again the other day, that when my cats see a threat (like a dog approaching, walking by) rather than accept my offer to either be held safely by me or come into the yard safely behind the fence or into the house, they prefer to go where there is room to move/run if necessary. They want to feel in control that way and not surrender themselves even to me whom they trust more than any human. By grabbing the paws, even when there’s no threat, is threat enough to trigger their need to feel free, which we feel too. If someone grabs you by the wrist, you aren’t going to like it either. So, it’s in their genes; they can’t help it, though you can modify it a little bit.

  2. Yes I agree that cats don’t like having their paws grabbed and for the reasons stated. Mine are used to me playing with their toes though and tolerate me squeezing and holding them more than any other cat would. They still don’t “like” it but that’s their instinct, not how they feel about me. They love me and my quirks and the feeling’s mutual.

      • Thanks. He loves to put his paw on my hand just like that. I have to work around him which can be hard if he is sprawled over the keyboard.

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