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Why do cats do the bunny kick? — 2 Comments

  1. Last year while i was away from home my 13 year old Long hair original Persian “Matahari” destroyed my “laptab” by doing the “Bunny Kick” clutching onto the closed instrument.It got dissected into two and luckily being a “LAPTAB” i can still use one half of the dissected computer.Today i mostly use it for viewing films, etc during the imposed “Coronavirus-2020” lockdown and work from home restrictions.She normally has the habbit of occasionally clutching onto cushions etc and kicking her legs and sadly one fine day my “LAPTAB” became the victim.Be careful of expensive delicate instruments like laptops, etc if you have a cat or cat’s in your house. Below is a file photo of her thinking the next move.

    • Thank you for your interesting story Rudolph. I appreciate it. It is a good example of the bunny kick and I’m sorry that your possession was destroyed. I hope that you are well and your cats.

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