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Why do cats dressed in their owner’s clothes look sinister? — 18 Comments

  1. It breaks my heart too, R.
    You guys tried your best to get some intervention before it came to this too.
    At least the kits will be taken care of.
    I hate those women.

    • Yes we humans would be a lot better if we could emulate cats but we never could do it as cats are far smarter and much nicer than us.
      BTW Dee, RSPCA at that house today, taken the cat with kittens, she was stuck in a gap in the bedroom window, RSPCA had to get the fire brigade out as the women weren’t home, a woman opposite the back of their house spotted her hanging! Not looking good for her, they’ve had to sign the kittens over to the RSPCA. They have also seen the others so hopefully their lives will improve, the inspector said they will spay them all, but at least two are quite pregnant right now. Heartbroken for that cat, we thought she must have her kittens as we haven’t seen her for a while.

        • Yes apparently she was trapped in the opened bit of window, we are heartbroken for her Dee. The RSPCA man thought she may have broken her back, it’s just too awful, we thought she was safe in the house with her babies, none of the cats have been around as much lately, we thought their lives had improved. At least the RSPCA inspector is on the job now and they will HAVE to take notice of him.

  2. It won’t surprise anyone to know that I HATE those pictures, I hate cats being in any way shape or form dressed as people, because they are NOT people, cats don’t wear stupid hats or clothes, their clothing is beautiful fur!
    The idiot who posted those photos needs something better to do.

  3. Totally disagree with the man, cats don’t have the same head form at all, ok they all have ears, eyes and noses but our two cats have completely different shaped heads. I think the pics are something that someone with a computer and photoshop would mess about with on a rainy Sunday afternoon, just can’t understand why when he’d finished playing around he published them, they’re a bit daft really aren’t they.

  4. Very scary and thought provoking. I remember the saying among dog owners when i owned dogs. Quote, “SHOW ME THE PET DOG AND I WILL TELL THE OWNERS PERSONALITY WITHOUT MEETING HIM OR HER “! Yes, our pets are truly reflections of our own human behaviour.The same seems to apply for cats.

    • It does look a bit odd. I am not quite sure why. Dogs seem to match up in appearance to their owners better than cats though. It is probably because there are more types of dog – their appearance varies more widely.

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