Why do cats dressed in their owner’s clothes look sinister?

There is probably nothing psychologically significant going on here but when the Swiss photographer/artist, Sebastian Magnani, merged – I suppose using Photoshop – photographs of the cat caretaker’s clothes (appearance) and his/her cat we end up with an image that is more sinister than amusing. Perhaps it is the way he did it. He seems to have deliberately tried and succeeded in creating an image that is slightly unsettling. There is also some photoshop work on the cats faces as well.

Sebastian says this:

‘I am so fascinated by the eyes of cats. Unlike dogs, cats all have the same head form, so there is not so much difference between each other’.

That does not enlighten me to be honest. No matter, I like the images because they are interesting.

cats dressed in their owner's clothes
Cats dressed in their owner’s clothes. Undercats: Owners spliced with their cats – All photos by Sebastian Magnani/REX)
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He has definitely tried to make them look a bit sinister. Sometimes they look cute. However, I have seen other cats looks distinctly sinister in human clothes. What about this photo of a Sphynx cat:

Spooky Sphynx in woman's clothes and wig
Spooky Sphynx in woman’s clothes and wig. Photo: Twitter

or this one:

Spooky Sphynx in woman's clothes and wig
Spooky Sphynx in woman’s clothes and wig. Photo: Twitter

But here is cute/bizarre:

Bramhall's pet Sphynx cat dressed up
Bramhall’s pet Sphynx cat dressed up. Photo: Hayley Bramhall.

Below are some more articles featuring photo-editing:

18 thoughts on “Why do cats dressed in their owner’s clothes look sinister?”

  1. It breaks my heart too, R.
    You guys tried your best to get some intervention before it came to this too.
    At least the kits will be taken care of.
    I hate those women.

    • Yes we humans would be a lot better if we could emulate cats but we never could do it as cats are far smarter and much nicer than us.
      BTW Dee, RSPCA at that house today, taken the cat with kittens, she was stuck in a gap in the bedroom window, RSPCA had to get the fire brigade out as the women weren’t home, a woman opposite the back of their house spotted her hanging! Not looking good for her, they’ve had to sign the kittens over to the RSPCA. They have also seen the others so hopefully their lives will improve, the inspector said they will spay them all, but at least two are quite pregnant right now. Heartbroken for that cat, we thought she must have her kittens as we haven’t seen her for a while.

        • Yes apparently she was trapped in the opened bit of window, we are heartbroken for her Dee. The RSPCA man thought she may have broken her back, it’s just too awful, we thought she was safe in the house with her babies, none of the cats have been around as much lately, we thought their lives had improved. At least the RSPCA inspector is on the job now and they will HAVE to take notice of him.


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