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Why do cats eat bugs? — 9 Comments

  1. my cat just ate a millipede(I can’t spell it) is that bad? I mean cats are (mostly)like their ancestors, and when they see bugs, they think they’re TOYS!!!! Yes I can relate to this, because cats are not that smart, he is sooo lazy that I have to open the padio door! But really it’s their nature.

  2. Many years ago, when we first moved out to the desert, we had lots of scorpions. The dogs would bring some in on their coats. I would see the cats group around in a ragged circle and play ball with something. That something was a large scorpion and the cats were having a game of smack the bug from one to another. Amazingly no one was ever stung before the scorpion died. None of the cats went outside, so they didn’t encounter the usual deadly inhabitants of the desert. The dogs left the rattlers and coral snakes alone-they would stand at a good distance and bark like crazy. We were very lucky that no one was ever nailed by the deadly snakes.

    • Interesting story, Susan, thank you. The speed of the cat’s movements are demonstrated in your story. I guess they were play/hunting. I am always interested in stories from places very different from mine.

  3. I worry about the chance of cats going after venomous insects, which I’m afraid might happen a lot in some parts of the world, but not so much where I live in the U.S. I’m surprised the feral cat population is supposedly out of control in Australia, for example, due to its’ number of natural creepy crawly killers.

    • Cats in the US are more likely to eat a poisonous bug or be bitten by a poisonous snake than in the UK. I guess that is obvious. There are certainly more dangers from nature in the US than in Europe. This is partly why cats are often kept inside in the US.

      • Over there in foreign countries they have way more diseases and dangerous then he and the us we’re trying to cure what you bring over here

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