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Why Do Cats Flick Their Water Bowls? — 5 Comments

  1. Out of all the domestic cats I’ve owned over the years only one has done this. My 6 year old Singapura always touches the water with his paw before drinking it. He also likes to drop some of his toys in his water bowl which I find quite odd.
    Perhaps touching the water with his paw tells him how deep to lower his mouth to drink ???
    I have not a clue why he drops toys in it.
    I change the water at least once a day and it never gets dry but maybe his dropping a toy in there is his way of telling me to change it NOW. In which I do. LOL

  2. My cat likes to get water on his paws, then jump in the litter box, then track wet litter all over the house.

    Most water bowls are too narrow. Cats’ whiskers will touch the sides, indicating to them that the space is too narrow eg dangerous. That’s MY theory.

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