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Why do cats follow you? — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Michael,
    I would share a couple of my cat’s behaviors. When my cat wants something like food or to be let outside, he will come and find me. Usually sitting at my desk he will brush up against my leg, turn and walk a few feet away and stop with his back to me but ears rotated back, listening. If he hears me get up he proceeds to his destination and I follow him, he shows me is food dish is empty or he wants out, etc. If I stop, he will stop, rarely turns to look back, he waits and listens. He is the leader in these situations. If I ignore his initial brushing against my leg he will repeat once or twice before giving me a nip on the ankle to let me know he means business.
    Zander, my cat, also is a social eater. Many times he will do the above, directing me to follow him to his food dish, which has food in it. He wants me present when he starts to feed. My vet says some cats are just that way.

    Best regards and thanks for the work you are doing here.

    Darrel W.
    Phoenix, Arizona

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