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Why do cats get hit by cars at night? — 8 Comments

  1. A ferrel cat that we have been taking care of for at least 8 yrs was unfortunately hit by a car at the edge of our community. We last saw our beautiful Mr.B Dec 23 where he came to eat and left several times that day.He has been showing u p with cuties,limping and many scrapes over the years and we got him back into shape and well many times.We cannot help him now and I am very sad that I will never see him again.I never got to truly pet him since he was ferrel but on occasion a two finger het petting was enough for me.He responded to my voice and knew he had a safe place to come too.We love you Mr.B and will miss you!!!

    • Lee, could u tell me more about your feral cat? I’d like to write an article based on your story. Just leave a long comment.

  2. My old cat snuck out after never going outside for 12 years. I think she had dementia. I couldn’t find her. Then a neighbor going to work saw her get hit on the road at 4 a.m.
    My heart is broken.

  3. I think animals (raccoons and other wildlife including feral cats) range around when they are hungry, but that they hunker down more when fed. This is based on experience driving through city alleys in Washington, DC. This year I’ve been feeding some feral cats in a rural area and deer and raccoons occasionally partake of the cat food and water. I suppose I’ll stop feeding there now, but have concerns about hungry animals looking for food they’re used to having (and water too) and not finding it. I’d like to continue putting out the offerings but don’t want to do more harm than good. Any thoughts welcome. – Joanna

  4. There may be less cars on the road at night, but I think there’s a tendency for many motorists to speed up because of that. I think that makes it more difficult for cats to always anticipate an oncoming vehicle when they decide to cross a road.

    Cats are also very small and much less visible in the dark, which is another reason why even a careful driver might not spot one darting out from between parked cars.

    I like my cats to be home before it gets dark and they stay indoors overnight. I couldn’t sleep at night if they weren’t home as I’d be worried about them.

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