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Why do cats have short lives? — 4 Comments

  1. I think you are right. Tuataras and bow white whales both can live 100+ years. They are different sizes, but both are able to live longer due to lower body temperatures. A lot of living things age faster at higher temperatures due to more molecular damage being generated.

    This also means that they will also develop at a slower rate with increased life span. But that is not always 100% the case. Human women for instance, have higher body temperatures yet live longer than men.

    Good article

  2. My company, my dearest friend, Shrimp, had only fourteen years. Thanks to a veterinarian who thought that she was capable of handling his suffering.

    • Here. See. We never complained when we were together. He was a Voyeur, never playing with the other cats, always off on his own…

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