Why do cats like sleeping on paper?

Through Google, Internet users seek an answer to the question, “why do cats like sleeping on paper?”. I will answer the question without reference to the thoughts and opinions of others but would welcome the views of others nonetheless.

Cat sleeping on paper

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Firstly, none of my cats have regularly slept on paper partly because I don’t leave paper lying around. I presume the word “paper” in this context would normally refer to newspapers. The important thing about newspapers is that they provide insulation. If they are on a cold surface of any sort then the newspaper itself will be warmer than the surface upon which it rests. We know that cats like warmth particularly when resting and sleeping.

Therefore, it is not surprising that if the other surfaces upon which a cat might rest or sit are cold and a newspaper is lying around then he or she will tend to rest or sleep on the newspaper because it is more comfortable. It’s about as simple as that in point of fact. There is no other commonsense reason for this behaviour.

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  1. Even better when the comfy, cosy newspaper is right in front of your gaze, perfect position in which to receive some adulation!


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