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Why do cats want to come indoors the minute you let them out? — 3 Comments

  1. That’sa good analogy of true cat behavior. But… Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if cats are too much like toddlers sitting in a high chair: they toss the object to the floor and enjoy watching the adults bend over and replace it. It’s a fun game. 😀

  2. Maybe, but I think there’s more to it. Oh they don’t like doors alright, but I think it is a matter of being restricted at all. My observation has been that they don’t like to be restricted as it relates to basic survival instinct. They want unrestricted access in or out. For example: our routine here is that at dinner time, I close the back door so’s to keep them in for the night. Dinner’s being served now, however when they see the door closing they make a beeline to get out. If they make it, they’ll stand there wanting to come back in because dinner is being served. They can’t help it. It may be related to them also checking out a room they’re unfamiliar with or if something’s changes but they don’t know what yet. Like the door, they’re afraid something will change and they want to know about it. Perhaps the scent marking but I don’t see my cats marking a lot, especially in our own yard. Just a thought.

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