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Why do cats wiggle their butts before pouncing? — 3 Comments

  1. I think some cats do it out of excitement a cats zoomie purhaps? Only a few of mine do it. And I don’t think I’ve even seen a video of a wild cat, lions, tigers etc doing it, not even big cat kittens. The few I have that do it only do it when chasing the laser pointer.

  2. You’re “one of us” who have an acquired sense of these things. It also comes from a logical, practical and scientific way of analyzing the world, and we have an affection for the study subject, which helps. I myself have a bent towards physics, mechanics and curiosity about how things work, as well as many years experience in the field of professional dancing (all of it) and race-riding thoroughbreds. I’m such an annoying know-it-all especially about something like this that if I thought I had anything to add, I would have. You nailed it better than I could have.

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