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Why do cheetahs have spots? — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Michael,

    Can you figure out why your cat has tear marks which would be seen as very rare? You must be ‘blinking your eyes’ wondering the reason when oddly leopards do not have tear marks, but larger spots than a cheetah.

    I am not going to explain in detail this phenomena or mystery with wild and domestic felines because this very important information can be easily plagiarized over the Internet without receiving any recognition or reward for my in-depth research in this area of unusual pigmentation. I happen to search in areas of science where other experts/scientists do not look, instead they want to believe heavily that genes nearly control everything in a cell including melanism often saying that it is a ‘mutation’ or a recessive-dominant trait.

    I have also come up at the same time with a very compelling theory how the zebra got its stripes when the developing embryo starts off with a full brown color but develops stripes during embryo-genesis which slowly turns darker to black after birth. It has nothing to do with camouflage against its main predators nor the bite of the annoying Tsetse fly since it occurs quickly inside the womb of the animal over a number of certain months being protected from the harsh outside conditions. Therefore, the anomaly is happening inside the body of the animal.

    One day, after I share this fascinating information with certain scientists, I shall tell you the answer which is much stronger than their theories according to science and the way of nature.

  2. Your explanation about the spots being for camouflage is inaccurate as well as genes playing a significant role. There are a number of other stronger factors to observe which can also explain how the cheetah got its tear marks which are not noticed on other felines (including domestic cats).

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