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Why do feral cats not meow? — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve had a tortoise-shell cat for about 8 years who rarely meows. She was brought to me while a kitten, maybe 9 weeks old. I don’t know if she’d been around people much or if she was talked to, but I’m still trying to get her to meow. When she does it’s once only, then silence.

    Michael, what about when cats fight? They do a lot of howling then, so perhaps that’s their feeling about it… they naturally reserve vocalizing for those times so any other time is inappropriate or uncalled for? But yes when it comes to friendly meowing, they learn to do that only with us. I often wonder if they feel frustrated that they can’t physically form words like we can. I try to minimize my vocabulary with them just in case, and I often just meow to them as well.

  2. I have a mama and her 5 kids, ( 4 now, one fatally injured past spring), they ALL meow, all friendly, took mama 3 years, but now very friendly with us. Mama and her remaining daughter purr very audible, her 4 sons not so much, but can feel it when petting them. Cats i have known purr when content and being petted, just a reaction i guess. Taking care of ferals very rewarding, i love them all, they are well cared for and we have shelters for them as well, all fixed, too!!!!!!

    • Thanks for commenting Paul. It sounds great and well done. The point I am making is that feral cats probably don’t meow between themselves in the wild distanced from people because the meow is essentially a vocalisation between cat and person. That is the thinking anyway.

  3. My feral colony didn’t meow at all the first few years I was caring for them. Now all meow at me when it concerns food.

    A funny story. When Brandy was with us after his TNR he’d not only meow but push the food plate around when he wanted more food placed in the humane trap. He ate 5 cans of food while we had him!

    I think ferals instinctively know that to meow could alert predators of their location.

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