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  1. I have never had a 25 plus year war with a cat owner. I have had in my life numerous confrontations some longstanding with dog owners. From barking that went on for 3 days solid while they were out of town to one of the dogs trying to maul a cat though my , thankfully, reinforced window screens. While a few stray cats may have gotten some younger chicks dogs have shredded mauled maimed whole flocks including rabbits to my 16 year old goose and my pot belly pig.
    I cannot enjoy a meal out without at least one mess of a dog in a fake service vest that is barking, growling and obviously trained to do nothing let alone sit quietly under the table while the owner eats. I don’t carry a golf club out to the trash bin because of rouge feral cats.
    My cats are well trained, in the house and in general give me a feeling of peace and contentment which makes me all the more concerned about making their lives full and enriched. I do not inflict them on everyone in public and no one has banged on my door at 2AM begging me to shut my cats up nor have the police been summoned to do the same. Dogs are chaotic and needy.
    I honestly don’t understand why anyone would would prefer a dog to a cat. To me it’s insanity. Cat hate baffles me until I look at dog lovers and see their need to have something needy in their lives.

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