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Why Do People Let Their Cats Breed? — 8 Comments

  1. This is just a guess- I wonder if some people want their female cat to have a litter of kittens so that they and their children can experience and learn from seeing how mother cat cares for the kittens, and how kittens grow up.

    • This is an interesting thought VG. It is definitely a factor to the add to the list for reasons why some people let their cats breed. It didn’t occur to me. Thanks for commenting VG. You earned 5 cents for an animal charity 😉

  2. Another reason for being hesitant toward having pets gonadectomized is all the health…..

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    The comment was too good to remain a comment.

    • Hi Nebbie. Thanks for your excellent and very lengthy comment. Your arguments are interesting and I will check them out and in the meantime I’ll publish your comment as an article now. It might provoke a discussion. What you say certainly goes against the grain.

  3. Sometimes it’s ignorance, sometimes it’s the cost of the spay/neuter. A lot of times it’s cultural. That’s why most shelters won’t allow an animal to be adopted out until it’s spayed/neutered. Even our kitten adoptions are not finalized until the kitten is old enough/weighs enough to be fixed. There is no certificate given to have it done, as we’ve found from past experience that it just doesn’t happen. Education is a big part of it, but generally speaking, I think it’s just laziness.

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