Why do people on PoC care more about cats than people?

Why do people on PoC care more about cats than people?

by Michael

Ruth (Monty’s mum) asked this very valid question in a comment she made on this post: I feel horrible after my cat was declawed.

I think it needs an answer. I confess that I have learned to care more for cats than people over time. In fact I have probably become one of those “four is better than two” people (meaning I prefer animals to people). In a choice between the human race and the animal species, I prefer the latter. Why?

Because by my standards they behave better. I prefer their way of behaving. It seems to me to be more natural and more honest. Taking the domestic cat, it is definitely easier to get along with a cat than a person. That must count for something. Obviously it requires the right attitude from the person if the cat/person relationship is to succeed, but with the right attitude the relationship is infinitely more straightforward and predicable. It is therefore more reassuring, quieter and more supportive.

However, I am generalizing. There are many individuals, in particular the regular visitors to this site who I like as much as my cat! But not more than my cat.

The domestic cat does not do fraud, tell lies, bend the truth, muck around, rewrite history, go behind your back, behave in a two faced way, argue with you, shout at you (unless he or she is Siamese!) etc…

Cats are highly predictable which is comforting and we all need a bit comfort in this difficult world that we have made difficult through our selfish and greedy behavior.

Another reason why people care for cats more than people is because cats are vulnerable and many people feel a need to support vulnerable animals or indeed people. They are drawn to it emotionally. People can look after themselves, the domestic cat can’t do it that well in the world that we have created.

However, people need people and we cannot just rely on a cat to satisfy our need for a relationship and community.

There are confusing elements to the above argument though. The domestic cat is in our charge. We control the relationship. This does simplify the relationship and it is a point that does not support the argument that a relationship with a cat is better than one with a person because a relationship with a cat is like a relationship with a young child in many ways, only easier.

Ruth’s comment was in a thread of comments about declawing. People care more about the declawed cat than the person who had had her cat declawed even though she felt guilty. I am one of those people because it was the cat who was declawed under the direction of the cat’s “owner”. The person is the criminal (under UK law) and the cat the victim. We should have sympathy for a victim not the criminal even if the criminal is remorseful. People who act badly and are remorseful are still due punishment and criticism. Remorse and guilt is simply a mitigating factor (one that should make us dislike the person less or punish the person less).

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Why do people on PoC care more about cats than people?

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Feb 05, 2012
Humans can despair NEW
by: Ruth (Monty’s Mom)

My late husband’s mother suffered neglect at the hands of her step mother– a woman who adored her cats, while ignoring her step children. That type of caring for cats over people is not acceptable. I don’t believe any of the usual contributors to this site are guilty of it either. They might feel more love for cats, because cats are so easy to love– but real love isn’t a feeling, it’s actions. If you care well for the human beings in your care, then you have shown them love also, and you don’t love cats more than people.

I wish I could say that I’ve never piled on more and more accusations against someone who is already contrite, but I did it to a student when I was teaching. I suppose it was the stress of teaching getting to me, and when I saw the look in the kid’s eyes I knew I’d gone too far. When someone says they feel badly about something it doesn’t mean there are no consequences, but you don’t keep on berating them. It kills the human spirit. No one speaking in person to the writer of that post would have piled on like they did in writing to her. It’s easy to hurt when you can’t see the hurt you’re inflicting.

Driving a person to despair doesn’t make them a better person and it certainly doesn’t give the cat back his claws. You catch more flies with honey. People who declawed and regret it are probably some of our biggest allies in trying to get rid of the practice. They will go far in trying to end it, if only to assuage their own guilt. But push the guilt button too far and you get despair or anger– neither is helpful.

Feb 05, 2012
Petsmart NEW
by: Michael

The Petsmart decision seems poor. By the way I have seen and visited your box stores – massive! Goods piled high and about half the price of UK products! Love them actually – like Aladdin’s cave.

But how can they import cats from another county when the county where the Petsmart store is located has a cat adoption problem?

Who made that idiotic decision? I guess someone lobbied them.

Are shelters chasing marketing possibilities?

Feb 04, 2012
Cats are important NEW
by: Edward

Man I think cats are more important than people here on a cat web site which is all about cats.
I think cats shuold be important to their people anyway in real life because they are family and you choose to have a family so whether its human babies or cat babies you choose you should look after them and defend them to the last.
It breaks my heart every time I read about cats with their toes hacked off and I cant get it in my head why people get them hacked off.
I dont think anybody can pretend they dont know that cats have claws.
So why do they get them man.

Feb 03, 2012
Care more about cats. NEW
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Please, this is my own personal opinion for maintaining cats and pets in my house-hold.As a lonesome bachelor i feel that cats are the ideal pets where a person gets the feeling of caring and at the same time being cared for,yes, by a cat!Human companionship for humans is indespensable as we all humans are social creatures by nature and have to mingle around with our own kind for our own wellbeing as well as surviving on Planet Earth,Pets make our human lives less stressful by giving us humans uncommitted and unjudgemental love for the simple reason that their entire lives is under our control.Your pet cat will never decieve you or “back-Stab” you as is a not very abnormal feature in our human World of interaction and commitments.Ultimately, as a pet owner throughout my life since childhood i personally feel that pets are as indespensable to a human family as are humans to each other.People who don’t own a pet, let alone a cat or dog don’t realize what they miss.

Feb 03, 2012
Are cats more important than people ? NEW
by: Anonymous

Let’s ask ourselves, “are cats more important than people ?” some may answer YES, we might tend to agree simply based on these reasons
a) cats are NOT judgemental
b) superficial or interested, meaning they only likes us because of what we can give them
c) are very clean, loving & very loyal to those caring for them
d) if a cat is well fed/cared for, she/he will live a very long happy life
Thus do to their nature we might become partial to cats, but still need the interaction with other humans.
Nice day to all.

Feb 03, 2012
Cat lovers or haters NEW
by: Rose

Plenty of people care about people,you don’t get many people lovers or people haters like you do cat lovers or cat haters.
It makes me so annoyed when I’m accused of caring about animals when people need caring about too, we CAN and DO care about both people AND cats.
Like Barbara said,this is a cat site,surely the sensible thing to do if you don’t want to focus on cats coming first would be not to come here.

Feb 03, 2012
This is a site all about cats NEW
by: Barbara

The answer is very simple, to be interested in a site called Pictures of Cats one must surely love cats and anyone who loves cats will naturally fight tooth and nail for their wellbeing and against their abuse. That doesn’t mean we don’t like people too, but if we want to write about, defend or seek advice about people then we go to a different website. If someone comes onto PoC and confesses to abusing a cat by declawing then they must surely be aware that any genuine cat lover is going to be disgusted by their behaviour. Declawing is cat abuse so just what is the problem with calling a spade a spade?

Barbara avatar

Feb 03, 2012
Me Too! NEW
by: Dan

I also care more for cats (and dogs) than for people. I could give a long philosophical answer but the bottom line is that people have the ability to care for themselves, and they have a voice whereas cats (and dogs) do not!

After my wife passed away a little over a year ago and left me with our two dogs & one cat I made a decision to dedicate my free time to helping these four legged creatures and joined the local humane soceity. I am now involved in every aspect of that organization from fundraising, to fostering.

There was recently a Petsmart retail store opened here in town. If you’re not familiar with them in the UK, they are a huge retail outfit with “big box” stores, or the equivilent of a Home Depot, only for animal supplies instead of home improvement supplies. Our humane society became “Pet Partners” with them and agreed to hold some of our adoption fairs in their store. Then during orientation when they showed us their “cat room” where they house cats that are up for adoption they told us that they had contracted with an organization in another part of the state (and another county) to house and adopt out their cats. That was NOT what we wanted to hear since in our county we already have an over abundance of cats eligible for adoption and in fact the local county animal shelter is euthanizing 5100 dogs & cats at year (not sure what the exact count is on cats alone). So for a retail outlet to be bringing more cats into our county for the purpose of adoption was totally unacceptable. The result was that we severed out ties with Petsmart until such time as they change their policy regarding cat adoptions and agree to house only cats from here in our county. Their policy is currently under review at the corporate level but no decision has yet been reached.

Feb 03, 2012
Cat site NEW
by: Ruth

I don’t think it’s that people who come here care more about cats than we do people, but as it’s a cat site we naturally come down on the side of the cat which is why we come here.
I think in the UK we can’t accept that USA people who love cats want or agree to have them declawed.
If someone had said to me 38 years ago when I brought our first kitten home ‘You should have her declawed’ I’d have been very angry at them because my own common sense would have told me how cruel that would be, even before I learned about the anatomy of cats from the first vet I worked for.
I’m sorry for people who feel guilty about paying their vet to declaw their cat but I’m more sorry for the mutilated cat that he lives with someone who didn’t find out for themselves first that it’s the major surgery of ten amputations.
Vets are to blame for offering it yes, but people who get cats not knowing their basic needs are not fit to be cat caretakers.
This isn’t about peoples feelings, it’s about the welfare and happiness of cats.
But it doesn’t mean we don’t care about people too, we can care about more than one species. I care for many but for cats most of all especially when they are being abused and there is no end to that abuse in sight.
Nice hasn’t worked, declawing still goes on and the ‘I didn’t know it wasn’t only the claws’ excuse. To me ‘only the claws’ would be cruel enough so to think some people thought it acceptable then say how guilty they feel after, shocks and upsets me !
It’s too late then to give the cat his toe ends back!!

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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