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Why do young people film their cat cruelty and publish it on social media? — 3 Comments

  1. I think the conundrum here is that the person nor the diagnosis can’t be held both ways. He has to believe that what he is doing is shocking in order to get attention for it. Beyond that he doesn’t care and will deal with whatever consequences later. I knew a boy like this when I was young. He knows it’s shocking and why it is, and he wouldn’t do it unless it is. That it’s held by society as a wrong thing to do is enough to punish him to the full extent. I would go farther and say that in my opinion his failure to care, especially at his age (he’s not a toddler) is enough to convict and punish him. I don’t care why he doesn’t care, he just doesn’t and that leads him to hurt innocent/defenseless animals and society in general – he is encouraging others to mimic or follow suit by modeling his abhorrent behavior. He’s leading anyone who views him to do the same, for the same reward… attention. I don’t care even if he has a disorder or is insane. I used to care about stuff like that, but I don’t anymore. The world is too messed up.

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