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Why does my cat always lie down on black stuff? — 10 Comments

  1. We have a British short hair and we recently bought a rug for our living room. The multi coloured sits in the living room and even when the fire is off he only ever curls up on the black part of the rug.

  2. My all black cat lies only on black things as well it’s very erythropoietin strange. I think she’s does it to camouflage herself? She lies on my black coat, my black vest, black stove top, the stool is black she lays on that, etc list goes on

    • I like the word ‘erythropoietin”. What does it mean? 🙂

      I forget what I said in article but for me the most likely reason is that it is warmer as it absorbs light and warms up. The light is converted to heat.

  3. My ginger cat only sleeps on black items of clothing. Im convinced he seems them as invisibility cloaks. I have many soft blankets over my lounges,yet he waits for me to throw a black jacket or shirt down and he’s on it! As above, it’s annoying with him having light fur! Lucky he is a cutie!!

  4. I have a White siberian forest cat. His mother was also white. It seems that he really likes to lie on black fabrics too. I have two of the same sweatshirt; one black and one grey. He only lies on the black one. And that goes for all my other black clothing too. Since he has white fur he sheds all over this stuff and it drives me crazy, so I try to keep it out of his reach, but somehow he still finds a way to lie on all my black clothing.

    • Oh my goodness, I thought it was just my crazy, long haired, white cat who sheds on me as she brushes past my leg! I did an experiment once just to see if it was just coincidental and left 6 or 7 articles of clothing on my bed with only 1 being black. Guess where she was sleeping ever so soundly when I came back? On the black item of course!

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