Why does my cat keep being sick?

Websurfers ask: “why does my cat keep being sick?” To be perfectly frank it is not a sensible question to be asking Dr Google. You cannot successfully diagnose chronic feline vomiting off the computer screen. You have to take your cat to your veterinarian and let him or her do his job while assisting in providing background information which is why this post has to be brief. I disagree with vet websites trying to answer the question. They do it to get visits to their website. These pages are not created for higher moralistic reasons. I should know as in the past I did it myself. I would agree that some health problems can be usefully discussed on the internet but persistent feline vomiting is not one of them.

There are numerous reasons for chronic feline vomiting. Cats are good at throwing up. They do it with alacrity and skill but this applies to one-off moments such as throwing up a hairball after eating grass. When it is persistent obviously something is wrong and it could be serious. Delaying visiting the vet could make matters worse.

The modern day habit of diving in to consult with Dr Google seeking answers to cat health problems on the internet is understandable. People also do it in relation to their own health which can be dangerous too. However, it is indicative of a desire to save money. Looking after a pet is often more expensive than people thought. The cost of a pet is not in his purchase (if purebred) but in the lifelong maintenance costs.

One reason – perhaps a major reason – for relinquishing a cat to a cat rescue centre is maintenance costs. The owner will use a different reason such as ‘my uncle is allergic to cats’ or ‘I have to move and the landlord forbids cats’ but the true reason might well be about money. It often boils down to that.

The articles below are no substitute for a vet visit….

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