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Why Does My Cat Meow So Much? — 2 Comments

  1. Michael, my own experience is that some cats will use vocalisation to get attention. Perhaps more so if they are fairly chatty with humans?

    I think I’ve posted on here before about my chatterbox Merlin, who had the widest vocabulary of any cat I’ve ever known. He was never happy about having a dusk curfew and would sit by the door hoping to be allowed outside. Then he’d begin with a pitiful mewling. When being polite failed, he took it up a notch to urgent meowing and if that (combined with constantly glancing in our direction) failed, then he’d begin caterwauling. This would go on for at least 30 minutes, until eventually he’d walk upstairs making strange swearing/yodelling noises to himself, before proceeding to empty dresser drawers of their contents. My ex and I used to joke that he was like a teenager storming off to their bedroom in a tantrum.

    Michael, I was going to suggest you try locking the cat-flap for a couple of nights if you want to hear an example of a cat meowing to get your attention 😉 Then I remembered Gabriel’s the strong, silent type so he’d probably find an alternative method for persuading you to let him out.

  2. This is a question I’ve often asked myself about Phoebe, as I’m sure have my other cats. Charley will sometimes leave the room when she starts meowing 🙂

    When you raise a cat from kittenhood you see their personality developing. Over time it becomes clear whether you have a chatterbox, or the strong, silent type on your hands. We learn their vocabulary and they in turn recognise which vocalisations (or behaviours) will elicit the desired response from us.

    However when you adopt an adult cat, it’s not always quite so easy. Especially when there may be little to no background information available. Phoebe was 3 years old when I adopted her from a rescue. She and another cat were left behind in a flat when their former owners relationship broke down and they moved out. After several weeks the cats were surrendered to a rescue.

    When I arrive home or at random times of the day, Phoebe repeatedly meows in an urgent tone for about 5-10 minutes non-stop. Initially I thought this may be due to having previously being abandoned, but the duration or the volume of the meowing has not subsided in the past 6 months. She’s a confident, happy little cat so I’ve dismissed any concerns about her previous homelife having affected her.

    To me, her urgent meowing sounds like she wants something, but offers of food, affection, play and even grooming haven’t worked. I’m coming to the conclusion that this is perhaps just her enthusiastic way of saying hello, but I’d welcome input from other cat owners.

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