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Why does my cat poop on my bed? — 6 Comments

  1. Wee I think If you allowed your Cat to do that. I’ve never had a Problem with that Before. Something they piss or spray against the Curtain. As Most times they are prob trying to get out. It must be extremely hard for Indoor Cats. I really feel for people whos Cats are indoors.

      • Maybe also if they are feeling tense or Anxiety I’ve never had it happen. Yes i agree its territory thing. Smokey Often Sprays on the Curtains I give them a wash Twice a year. He’s Marking his Territory.

  2. I never really had a problem with poo on the bed. Some other places, yes, like next to a litter box that isn’t a cat’s designated one (there are cliques here with each set having their own feeding areas and litter boxes). It’s always males, and I take it as an expression of dominance, maybe even a challenge. It, mostly, happens when another cat enters the household and doesn’t have a designated area yet.
    So, not a lot of inappropriate pooing here; but, my house is marked up the ying-yang with pee. But, it makes me happy when someone remarks that they would never know that I had a house full of cats.

    • Dee, I’m sure you have cornered the market on clorox, I dare say! We shoulda bought stock!

      Bigfoot is consistently peeing on the bed. Well, actually leaking. I’m using disposable pads. My vet knows nothing about this condition. You, Dee, are the only other person who knows about this apparently. Bigfoot is male. Seems to have sprung a leak. He does have early stage CKD, and uses the little box with a huge stream of pee, but he leaks in between trips to the box.

      Has this been written about here at POC?

      • You need to write an article about “leaking cats” because I don’t think I have ever seen such an article. It would be a first.
        You know the ins/outs and how to deal with it.
        “Dribbling” from CKD or old age doesn’t matter. I do it myself sometimes (shamefully).
        Dealing with it in the most effect way is what’s important.
        You’re an expert now.
        Do tell.

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