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Why does my cat’s vomit look like poop?


Cat Vomit. Photo in public domain.

Your cat is vomiting foul material that looks and smells like faeces. The probable causes are:

  1. Blunt abdominal trauma – i.e. hit in the abdomen either through an accident or deliberate act.
  2. Intestinal obstruction.
  3. Peritonitis – wet form Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). There’ll also be a high temperature, anaemia, dehydration and diarrhoea. Cats die within two months. It is an awful illness. It is caused by a coronavirus but not the one that has been in the news for the past several months.

There is nothing more for me to say because this is entirely a matter for a good veterinarian. Don’t use a veterinarian who declaws cats if at all possible. These are veterinarians who have a jaundiced attitude to feline welfare and who are prioritising profit over their patient’s health.

Some pages on FIP

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FIP awareness advocate builds an indoor playground for his 24 cats

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Effective treatment for FIP

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