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Why does this famous actress’s Persian cat poop around her in a circle while she sleeps? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes Michael your diagnosis has the ring of simple truth to it. My add to things like this is that cats have few ways to express themselves, this being one of them, so they use what they have. I have to say every time I read of one of Mr. Galaxy’s answers I cringe with despair… I want him to be right and believable but to me he’s not. He always comes up with something different or weird for that sake alone, to apparently set himself apart. I think his objective is that he wants people to think he’s some kind of genius that no one understands yet because he’s ahead of his time or something. IMO he’s kind of a snake oil salesman and in fact he does sell stuff that might well be. His time was up a long time ago with me and he just keeps proving it. Sorry. I know you like to give everyone their say, which is great, I’d just add a disclaimer, which is what I just did I guess.

    • I just remembered to say that I think he was wrong because a cats prime want is to feel secure, and her cat wasn’t feeling it and was trying to make things more so by securing the territory especially around her human. So the cat needs more reassurance, not less. More petting, not less. I have to say I think Jackson just pulls things out of his behind sometimes. I just don’t know where else he could have gotten his bit of wisdom. It has no basis.

      • Also, ALSO… this buddying up to the rich and famous is a classic tactic of modern day hucksters. Cesar Milan did the same thing to advance his career.

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