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Why Domestic Cats Don’t like Selfies (a Message to Taylor Swift) — 5 Comments

  1. I find it hard to believe that cats are terrified of human heads…I can recall kissing my cats as a child, rubbing my face on them…if they had been so scared, they would have run away, rather than sat there and even appeared (as much as I can remember) to welcome the attention? If anything, I think Meridith is objecting more to the way she is being picked up and held than the presence of a ‘terrifying’ human face so close to her own?

    • I did not say that all cats are terrified of human heads. I said that in general (depending on the character of the cat) large objects thrust close to a cat’s head can be intimidating to a cat. That is it!

  2. No, Meredith does not look happy. She looks stressed.

    I agree with you, Michael, that cats don’t like selfies because they don’t like our heads (and our teeth) that close to theirs. I also think a cat might not like a selfie because it just wasn’t something they wanted to do. There might be some renegades out there who enjoy selfies, though.

    In the past my cats would either ignore me or pose whenever I pulled out a camera. Rocky would assume his Playgirl Centerfold pose (a la Burt Reynolds): He’d smirk, stretch out on his side with his head and ears up. My girl Angel would look interested, as though she knew what a camera was, and she’d pose the same way. Coyote would pose. Cujo, Moo and Maya didn’t pose, but they did look interested. Of course, this was before the days of selfies. I’ve seen articles telling how famous racehorses like Ruffian and Secretariat would pose whenever they saw a camera, so it’s clear to me that animals have smarts enough to know what a camera is and what it’s for.

    Samirah does not like the camera and I have to get her in a really mellow mood before she consents to having her picture taken. No selfies yet, though. I won’t go there.

    • I agree that some cats embrace the idea of being photographed. They do have the smarts as you say. We have more to learn about animal intelligence in general. I do believe that humans sometimes forget that we are so much larger than our cat companions. There is always a possibility that we can inadvertently intimidate them a little bit. Also people tend to squeeze their cat’s head against the sides of their heads. Some cats will accept of like this but it is unnatural to a cat.

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