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Why Don’t Cats Show Affection? Discuss. — 4 Comments

  1. Michael, great post! I do still see the *wild* trait in my “kids”, but also, my 10 really do show affection to me. They follow me everywhere wanting to be wherever I am. They will head butt, knead me and *bathe* me — a lot!! It is most prevalent when I get home from work — or, of course, at feeding time. Mario will actually paw at me out of the blue to get kisses and attention from me — at any time! Gail’s posts were great as well. I remember that story about the lion recognizing the human years later also — pawsome!! ♥♥♥

  2. Interesting article. Personally, I think it depends on the person and the interaction with said cat. IMHO, true cat lovers understand their feline companions by watching their body language and know how and when to respond. Funny as it may sound, watching re-runs of Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet, I also see the exact same behaviors of the big cats vs my own brood. I don’t put much stock in Ernest Hemingway’s comments anyway since most of his adult life was viewed through a bottle. My own cats are very affectionate all the time, looking for affection. I must admit, however, that once they get what they want (i.e.: food, clean litter box), they give a swish of the tail and take off, leaving me in the dust! Such wonderful creatures.

    • Nice comment Gail. I think you have made some good points there. I believe cats are inherently undemonstrative for survival but domestication is making them more like dogs or like us!

      • I also agree, but with some reservation. Ever see the documentary about the (2) gentlemen from the U.K. who, in the 70s bought a lion cub from Harrod’s and raised it to adulthood, until they finally realized they needed to return it to the wild? They returned, I believe, a year later and the fully grown lion rushed up to them and, on hind legs, stood up and wrapped his paws around each of their necks to hug them! It was so surreal. They visited the lion one more time perhaps a year or so after that and the lion introduced his mate and cub(s). It was so beautiful to see. The point being is that, even with a (big) cat who was returned to the wild and truly was wild, still remembered his human and acted accordingly. It’s a special bond and I firmly believe that, under certain circumstances, even wild cats show emotion. Actually, referring back to Big Cat Diary, many scenes play out where big cats show overt emotion to their babies.

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