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Why don’t cats walk on leashes? — 4 Comments

  1. My moggies ‘Clover’ ‘Riley’ and ‘Molly’ all walk with a lead,the trick to training them is putting a harness on them and aye they will fall over and lay there but leave the harness on them and they eventually get used to the feel of it (2 days at the least) once ye see and feel they are finally comfortable with the harness then they are ready to be taken for walks.

      • Lol,actually Michael each one lets me know when they are ready to go back home,they will stop walking or they will stop walking and then lay down on the side walk and I let them walk at their own pace.

        • You are very good with them. I have leash trained my boy but now he has his full garden enclosure I don’t take him out on the leash.

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