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Why don’t we euthanize humans when we euthanise cats? — 16 Comments

  1. Many years ago, my mother, a strict Catholic, said “We are kinder to our pets than we are to people.” I so agree with her.

    • Yes, Susan on the issue of euthanasia at the end of life and when done for the proper reasons we are kinder to pets.

  2. I might also add that one of the reasons we are loosing our pain medications is due in part to the drug addict epidemic and innocent sick people are suffering needlessly because of it. Another is that good drugs are financially out of reach without quality health insurance. Even then Dr.s are hesitant about the dosages being too high? Even as our loved one’s lay dying with no hope for recovery? This is insane to me.

    Eva-not saying anything new here.

    • The drug abusers should pay the price! NOT the law abiding with constant uncontrollable pain, including those who are not terminally ill.

  3. We consider our lives as superior above all other creatures and spend it counting each breath from the moment of birth. Then spend the majority of our time building up walls, improving our status quo and immortalizing our place in this world. Why should we give up the fight? We are sinful-prideful creatures and will do all within our power legal or otherwise to play God. Animals are an easy target to release our inane guilt for keeping a human vegetable on life support-suffering unimaginably til the bitter end ?

    Most people do not in true fashion, place their pet families on the same immortal level, so they are put out of our way somewhat easier, at least according to our ethical issues.

    I might add that for many, this is the exception & putting a pet down is very very hard to do. We should change the laws in our country, for the sake of all. But this would only perpetuate angry ridicule and charges of murder in the first degree. Eva_

    • Yep, we are better than them! They should represent us. They claim to represent us but they don’t quite achieve it.

  4. Law makers have obviously NEVER lost anyone to a terminal disease. They’ve NEVER had the ‘pleasure’ of watching a loved one slowly dwindle into nothingness while begging for pain relief that modern medicine can not supply because that amount of pain relief only comes with death. They’ve never experienced the ‘joy’of seeing the amount of suffering displayed in a terminally ill person or heard their pleas for God to end their pain and suffering. To politicians, the only important thing is the monies that generate from their position of power. They couldn’t care less about the happenings outside their ivory towers as long as their purse is fat.

    Am I supporting suicide? That should be a decision made by the dying person and his/her loved ones.

    If they are in the process of dying and death is irreversible, where is the issue?

    • *amount of suffering displayed in a terminally ill person’s eyes*

      I also forgot to mention the medical community also benefits from long term care: facilities, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, etc.

      Before anyone jumps down my throat over ethics and morality: All the family members I loved in my youth were slowly consumed by various types of cancer. I totally understand the pros and cons of terminal illness and the assisted suicide conflict.

  5. My boss in 2004 had terminal cancer. He blew his head off when the pain got too bad. Drs do not believe in pain management anymore due to government snooping. Before my ex went into hospice I watched him cry from the pain. He suffered horribly.

    • My Grandmother was in the hospital the last weeks of her life openly begging for her doctor to let her die. She was in pain 24/7 despite their attempt to control it. It’s something no human should endure and no family should have to watch.

  6. Thank goodness we can make that decision for our pets.
    Given the current healthcare system in the US where the policy is astronomical in cost and the deductible twice as high economic euthanasia is going to become the norm. This is a no partisan statement. Someone I know died and the most likely culprit is her inability to use her own medical insurance.

  7. for the US, & MOST Judeo-Christian countries,its a Biblical thing. true, there is a double-standard in that they WILL kill prisoners, & not someone that wants/asks to die, but the Bible rests at the core of that dilemma. its the same reason that suicide is frowned upon: Christ has a plan for ur life & killing urself denys that plan, thereby denying Him as well. as a Christian i believe in choice. God gave it to us. i dont appreciate the hypocrisy many law-makers show by saying its not ok to kill a fetus, but its ok to kill the “enemy” (or prisoners who r aware & want to live), & its also not ok for a terminal person to ask for(or be granted) a pleasant death as opposed to a long & tortuous one. ive known people: family, friends, & their family members, that have died of cancer, alzheimers, etc, & it IS a long, painful road for all involved. i believe God can heal people of anything, but if someone CHOOSES to die instead i dont believe any government has the right to deny them that.

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