Why Facebook is Better than Google

Facebook is better than Google because, on the internet, social media is more important than search engines and advertising.

It is purely fortuitous that Facebook is better than Google or that Facebook has a better, bigger and brighter future than Google. It’s just the way things evolve. It is rather like the way animals and the species on the planet have evolved. It’s largely about luck and chance.

Google’s business is based upon a search engine and selling advertising (is there a conflict of interest there?). It is the world’s biggest search engine. Most people use it to find things on the Internet. Facebook’s business is based upon people meeting people and discussing topics with other people; social media. It brings people together across the globe. This is an entirely new concept and it shrinks the planet, making it one place.

The fact of the matter is that the major, new role of the internet and its great strength is in social media. At a secondary level its strength is in purveying information to people who seek it through search engines. As for advertising, anyone can do it.

I stress that, by chance, people have realized that the great strength of the Internet is that it allows people to meet other people and discuss topics that they find important. This, by the way, provides information to people, which circumvents the search engines finding information.

It also brings people together with a common cause. Together they can make changes, sometimes big changes, and people love this aspect of internet social media. It gives a voice to people. It gives individuals a voice and a power to make a change, to make a difference. This is something which is very valuable and Facebook brings it to the world.

By contrast, a search engine is simply a mechanical process which allows people to find information. Any company can set up the algorithms upon which a search engine finds information.

The truth be known, Google’s search engine is not as good, dare I say it, as Bing and Yahoo. That is entirely my opinion and it is based upon my experience and I’m sure other people will have a different opinion.

Ultimately it is a close call. Google is the number one site on the internet and Facebook is number two. When Facebook starts competing with Google on search I’d expect Facebook to take the number one position. Conversely, Google’s attempt to get into social media has failed.

Google try everything to retain traffic. Some of it is dubious. Sorry Google but it is true.

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