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Why Has My Cat Turned Aggressive Towards Me? — 6 Comments

  1. Every cat has a different personality the same as people. Some people aren’t very nice a bit grouchy no one made them that way its just the way they are. I haven’t met many cats that are like that but could be that its that simple like some people they are just grumpy.

    My mom had a cat that would just leap out of the bushes and attack our legs and ankles for the sheer hell of it all very unprovoked. The same cat would prey on a neighbours dog from up the road. He would wait behind the wall and leap out and land on the dogs back, things got so bad the neighbour complained and from then on when she came near my moms house she wouldn’t come into contact with Sebby.
    He was a hell raiser but for no good reason that I’m aware of I think that was just him, his puursonality.

  2. i often think its cause some change has happened. Like when i got jasmin ozzie hated me was growling i couldnt pet him, but over time i become abit more accepted. Some cats also just need time. Esp if they have been picked up too much or cuddled i know sometimes esp in the colder and weter weather they dont feel like being picked up as much and get very angry and growly. I guess the key is to watch body language of the cat i.e the tail and try not to annoy them too much.

  3. A brilliant article Michael, another one to share.
    Maybe we do repeat ourselves but I think we can’t educate too much in different ways about cats because there is so much ignorance about them.
    Until people stop calling cats ‘bad cats’ for behaving naturally as cats do, we have to keep on.
    It’s the same with declawing, pointing out the same things in different ways is all we can do.
    Hopefully they also educate new readers who haven’t seen any of our previous articles about cats.

    • I am pleased that you found the article good. I agree that we cannot do too much to straighten out people’s perceptions and misconceptions about cat behaviour. As for declawing, some people need a brain transplant.

  4. Hi Michael,

    I wish there was a “love” button, instead of just a “like” . Your article is truly outstanding and explains the reasons for “aggressive” behavior incredibly well!

    I love what Jackson Galaxy says about “bad cats”. There is no such thing as a bad cat- what we have is a kitty that is misunderstood.

    I can’t begin to count the number of folks who think their cats are mean and actually become frightened of them. Cats can easily pick up our emotions, and if we are frightened, they will think there is something scary to watch out for, since if we are scared something is alarming. Cats often strike out when they are afraid.

    I am so glad you wrote this article. It’s bound to help many folks to learn more about feline aggression, what to look out for to avoid being “attacked” and how to handle these situations more appropriately.

    I was very upset the other day when I was reading questions about feline behavior. Someone asked why their cat was nipping them early in the morning to wake them up to be fed.

    One person suggested holding the cat’s paws and pressing on them to “teach” the cat not to bite–adding that a spray bottle would help as well. Punishing cats never works, and to become “aggressive” in response to this kind of behavior is so confusing to a cat, and will only erode the cat’s trust of their human.

    Again, thanks for this highly informative article!

    • Jo, you are very nice to me. Thank you. In some ways, I am repeating myself but presenting the information in a different way. I do think it needs to be said more than once, perhaps several times from different perspectives, because there are still many people who have misconceptions about cat behaviour and what aggressive cat behaviour really is.

      Like you, I hate to see people getting the wrong end of the stick on what is referred to as “bad cat behaviour” and “aggressive cat behaviour”.

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