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Why Has This Gentle, Caring 24-year-old Tortoiseshell Rescue Cat Been Rejected 30,000 Times? — 7 Comments

  1. Considering her age and the probability that a consistent caretaker (not even Joyce) isn’t present constantly, ofcourse she would be temperamental. I don’t consider snapping or scratching to be a big deal, but I expect it would put a lot of people off. I’m sure that they don’t realize that moodiness and aloofness is expected when any cat is left confined with only “some” human touch and cuddling for years at a time. Those issues may be hard or impossible to reverse. But, I know that there is the right understanding person out there for her. I hope they appear.

  2. You’re absolutely right Michael, that the older cats others don’t want will be better companions – the bond will be deeper. And it should be, and those people don’t deserve the more seasoned older cats. I take in cats off the street, so I never know who the next one will be anyway. Most of the magic happens after they’re settled in too. I also think that cats have some “say” in who they go home with. The ones who’ve been judged “not good enough” might not warm up to them as well, and reserve their better behavior for the humans they like. I can’t imagine being rejected 30,000 times! Once in awhile practically devastates me.

    • Thanks Albert. I agree that there is some magic in developing a close bond with a rescue cat who no one wants. When, through patience and TLC, you have that bond you have something no one else has achieved. And your cat warms to you. I think all cats will eventually warm to a person provided the person is a super cat caretaker.

  3. Michael, great post! I would so adopt ANY senior!! It doesn’t matter to me the age, I love them all!! I just added 2 more to my *Clan*, taking me back up to 12 adopted/rescued kitties — and, yes, one is a 13 yr old senior — the other is a 6 yr old bengal mix. Adopted from a friend of mine who recently passed.

    As far as this article, I see that Tilly is well taken care of — I agrre with you that just maybe Joyce has gotten a little attached to Tilly, and really didn’t want to part with her. The expression in the above pic kinda makes me see that in her. Joyce looks to truly love gorgeous Tilly!!But it’s all good. Tilly won’t ever have to worry where her next meal — or love — is coming from!! ♥♥♥

    • I totally agree with you. I don’t think Joyce minds that Tilly was not adopted. The news media have latched onto what they want to emphasize but Tilly has had a decent life That said Tilly should have been adopted. I believe there is a reward in adopting a cat other people don’t want to adopt. The bond will be deeper.

  4. I think most people will be put off by a cat with temperament issues. When I worked in the shelter, there was a beautiful calico who was very reactive and lashed out. She was kept for about 2 months before being euthanized. I was a cat cuddler, and avoided her after I was scratched.

    I believe this was more humane than leaving her in the cage, with no cuddling or petting.

    I adopted the feral cat I brought in, after she was left in the holding cage for a month because she was too timid, except with me. I had fed her, so she knew me. When they called to let me know her days were numbered, I stepped up to adopt her, because she was familiar with me.

    The reason I hadn’t adopted her originally was that my live- in landlord said no cats were allowed. But she changed her mind when I told her this cat was going to be killed.

  5. Tears falling. I adopted a young cat who had been rejected numerous times, adopted 2 or 3 times and been brought back. He, too, has temperament issues. I knew if I didn’t take him, he would remain where he was. Howie has been with me and the other feline kids for over 7years now. He is still afraid at times, and will lash out, but he is getting better each day. He has adjusted to being a member of the clowder, and can be super affectionate. I can’t imagine life without Headstrong Howie.

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