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Why I admire people who help stray and feral cats — 15 Comments

  1. Michael, what do you know about being two, and rejected by your mother? never taught how to deal with animals a ls, cats, that were never taught love.

  2. You didn’t pick up my comment. I was homeless, without anyone, except the feral cats at Wyuka Cemetery, in Lincoln, Nebraska. Thanks. Posting’s always a good thing, Michael. <3

  3. Michael, I’m dealing with a sixteen month old now, and he appears to be at least half Bengal. His urine is so, so strong. If all goes well, he will be neutered on Tuesday. This is my first experience handling a male this mature. I don’t know if it is just me, but this smell is so strong.. . I can’t even imagine what Katherine tolerated. Make sure that you pul their food at midnight, and please stay with him or her before and after anesthesia. Thanks.

  4. So nice to hear. I’m helping manage 3 feral cat colonies. One which is actually community cats. Many are tame and I’m fostering a 3 month old kitten we trapped. There’s nothing feral about him.
    I’m going to print this article and carry it with me. I have to educate these feral cat haters on a regular basis.

    • Karla, what do you mean? Why would anyone hate a cat that was left all alone, with out a mother or another. I don’t know anyone who hates feral cats, do you(

    • And why would you assume, Michael, that just because I mentioned male cat urine, I am not empathic? What is wrong with you always thinking the worst about those who care, and maybe just aren’t as good as you and those who make a production about their concerns. I guess I should have contributed more. Monetarily?

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