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Why is it bad luck for a black cat to cross your path (origin) — 2 Comments

  1. Cat’s are cat’s, black or white or of any other colour.Superstition exists all over the World and sadly cat’s have been at the receiving end of most superstition .Most parts of the World including India is under “Coronavirus World War -3 Lockdown” which has become a nightmare to all of us.The fishmarket in my locality in Mumbai is closed and today morning visited the market to check if it was partly open and found a few of the fish market cat’s outside the locked gate of the market. Spotted this beautiful black cat along with a few other cat’s and it was “Good Luck” to me as cycling down a Km away to the next fish market found it open and purchased my stock of fish.Ahoy !

    • Great to hear from you Rudolph. It is a great shame the fish market is closed. The cats will miss the gifts of food. I hope they find food and that you are okay. Keep safe; you and your cats.

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