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Why is there a double standard for dogs and cats? — 4 Comments

  1. Dogs are work, work, work for humans.
    Cats are content to take the back seat and will have their day in the sun someday.

  2. Many years ago, I adopted a stray from a no-kill shelter. The dog and I had out difficulties, as she was an alpha and untrained. In other words, she was as she would have been in the wild. We had several skirmishes and I was bitten rather badly more than once. The last time she bit, I went alpha bitch-threw her over on her back, grabbed her neck in my teeth and shook her. I didn’t hut her, didn’t break the skin, just behaved as if we were two wild creatures fighting for position. From that day until the day she went over the bridge, there was love and understanding between us. She has been gone several years, and she is missed every day.
    I also have had (as still have) a few feral cats, as well as domestics. The ferals can’t be allowed out, as tthee are totally deaf and one has come to me by a friend from another city. She can’t roam either, as this area is still wild and predators are always around. She has her own room where she can climb, hide and gets fed and allowed to be alone if she wants. I don’t force any to be pets, but if they come up and want to be petted or have their ears rubbed, They get as much or as little as they wish. The oldest of the deaf cats has decided its time to train Mom to pet him whenever he wants-he’s doing a great job, too. My home is NOT people friendly-it’s animal friendly.

  3. I like my cats as they are.
    Your article is timely. Today while returning one of those assemble yourself cat trees that once put together had a sign that said death trap I re-boxed and returned it.
    The clerk asked why and I explained it was very unstable. The clerk quipped that it might be funny to see the cats jump on the tree and have it tip over or come apart. I’ll leave out the reply so you don’t have to edit.
    As to dogs. When confronted about dogs killing cats not only will negligent dog owners quip it’s just what dogs do it comes from higher sources. Somehow it’s almost acceptable for a loose dog to murder a cat. As I told the dog owning brain challenged rancher behind me. If my chickens marched over to your house at 2 AM and shredded your dog you’d have a fit. You’d have a second fit when I told you to just go tot he pound and get another for 40 bucks.
    May cats never become the watered down mutants that dogs are.

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